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>> good afternoon, again, eric brooks, san francisco green party and local grass roots organization in our city, i do too many of these, so at any rate, it's really good to see the lafco taking this up. i'm not a fan and i don't think -- i'm not going to explicitly speak for them but i think most of the folks in the green party are not a fan of this strong executive that's able to just appoint people that leave offices like the board of supervisors or the assessor. i see no reason whatsoever that whenever someone leaves a position in our city government that we can't immediately call a near term special election to replace that person by a vote of the people, that's the way we should be replacing people on the board of supervisors and to other elected positions. and just to kind of also dove
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tail on what some of you already said, we also have this situation and this whole assessor thing where, you know, god bless and i mean, i find him to be a little more positive than his predecessor from the start point of a progressive, but mayor lee did do this thing that the board of supervisors are going to squeak through and serve for ten years instead of the normal 8, we shouldn't have little games like that going on in our democracy, we need people that are serving our community to be appointed by the democracy, by the people of san francisco who should be going to the polls and rank choice elections to make these decisions, not the executive branch of the city. thanks. >> thank you, any other member of the public who would like to comment? and seeing none, we'll close public comment.
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just from the one comment that came through, i'm also reminded of when we had a vacancy for the mayor's office, there was no real public discussion with any of the candidates that they didn't come before the board of supervisors to say they were interested in becoming the interim mayor, in fact, when we came to the first vote on january 4th of 2011, the first vote for the interim mayor, the person who being selected wasn't even in the country and hadn't told anyone he was interested in being mayor and i couldn't stomach a vote at that time, so it seems like though a lot of different processes we need to look at, having some transparency of how we're doing the voting is needed and having some formal presentation, some formal discussion with the candidates that are coming before us, there could be a decision left to the mayor's
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side, but anyone else coming forward that could get appointed or fill a vacancy should have some public expression of their interest as well, just my thoughts. okay. commissioner breed? >> yeah, i just wanted to know, mr. brooks brought up a good point about a special election and i just would like to know and when researching in your report, if you could maybe look at whether or not there are special elections that are done to fill some of these vacancies as well, and that would be really helpful information to have. >> yeah, we will report on whatever information we find. this is based on some of the information we've gotten so far, we've put it into a big broad basic, there are basically two type and is a high dried of the two types, some places appoint, some call for a special election and some allow for some kind of hybrid
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where there could be an appointment or some kind of special election, that's when time comes into play, we've noticed that there are some places if there are some time left before an election, the seat could remain vacant, in the report, we'll have a spreadsheet that has every location we've looked at, what it says in the city charter or the government code or how it's located of how it works, we will have all that information and there will be some sort of report on top of that that gives the basic explanation of what's written in that chart. >> commissioner mar? >> and mr. fried, are you including the community college board as well? >> anything that the general public elects, and we know what is elected here in san francisco, when we're looking at other places, some of them have health districts so we're trying to figure out, does it make sense and maybe this is a good question for the commission, how far down the list of offices are we looking,
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school board, college board, board of supervisors, what is it, five city offices, or do we want to go farther down with some place that elects a health department person or something like that, we need to figure out how far done we go, and that will probably determine what's available online because mostly all of our research is going to be online, we're not looking to go and start talking to every single county of department of elections, and if we can get enough information from that, that's what our report will be based on. >> okay, thank you. no other comments from the commission, so we can go on to our next item. >> item number 5, executive officer's report. >> no report. >> jason fried, lafco staff, i wanted to bring up a couple of brief things, we're going to be doing a joint meeting on monday
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the 25th, we would have meet the friday before that and after talking with chair avalos, we determined that it doesn't make sense to meet on a friday and the following monday so we're going to cancel that friday meeting, there will be a couple of quick item that is we will need to do after the joint meeting, one of which after march [inaudible] to be in line before the city finishes its budget so they can know how much money they need to have in the budget for us or not have in the budget for us, we will have to have a discussion abthat and i'm assuming we will have a little bit of a discussion about the draft report as well. thank you. >> okay, thank you. >> we can open up the director's report for public comment. and seeing no one come forward, we'll close public comment. and clerk, our next item, please. >> item number 6, public comment. >> this is an opportunity to talk about anything related to lafco and our work, and seeing
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no one come forward for this public comment, we will close public comment, and do we have any other items before us. >> item number 7, future agenda items. >> future agenda items, colleagues? okay, public comment on future agenda items? okay, we'll close public comment, and our last item? >> adjournment. >> colleagues, we're adjourned. thank you very much.
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